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AC extension for mobile systems such as water-jack fresh little, tiny and combi

Additional option for operating the mobile systems with alternating current in addition to the existing 12V or 24V DC pump.

This means that the existing spiral cable and the plug attached to the pump remain untouched. If the system is to be operated with alternating current, only the 12/24V plug must be inserted into the permanently mounted socket provided for this purpose and the power supply unit connected to an alternating current cable. The extension can be used in the systems with both the 2.8 bar and the 4.8 bar pump. Sufficient power reserves are available. Of course, other consumers can also be connected to the 12V or 24V output (up to 15A).

Technical data:

  • Input voltage 230VAC 50/60Hz typical
  • Rated input voltage 90-305VAC 47-63Hz
  • Output power up to 15A
  • Protection class IP67
  • Working ambient temperature -40 to +60 °C
  • High efficiency up to 90% Designed for continuous operation

​If you purchase these accessories together with a mobile system, we will of course install them in the system. If you buy the accessories as an extension for your existing system, we will send you the parts already assembled.


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water-jack fresh tiny water-jack fresh tiny
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water-jack fresh little water-jack fresh little
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water-jack fresh combi water-jack fresh combi
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