UV sterilization

Brief overview of UV filtering:
UV filtering is only reliable in not turbid water. It should be filtered before always to achieve an optimal effect.
We use UV disinfection equipment usually after the tank, where there is already filtered water to avoid a possible subsequent contamination prior to collection. UV not dissolved chemical substances also be removed from the water, which could be possibly harmful.
To make water free from germs, there is the possibility of a radiation with UV-C light. Through its higher energy (compared to light in the visible spectrum) can bacteria ultraviolet radiation to kill off viruses, as well as many spores and is hence instead of chlorine or oxygen to the disinfection.
UV lamps emit mainly invisible radiation of a wavelength of 254 nm in addition to small amounts of visible light. The UVC radiation damaging affects the genetic material (DNA) of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. So injured microorganisms die off quickly and reliably prevents their proliferation.
The service life of lamps are significantly influenced by the number of switching cycles. A high value of the lamp lifetime says little about the actual usage time!

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UV-230 sterilization device 25W

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UV-230 sterilization device 40W

Product no.: FWCIFWUV4100

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UV-12 submersible lamp

Product no.: FWRE5251200

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