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water-jack fresh tiny is a compact portable system to produce drinking water from contaminated fresh water.

Use e.g. even after emergencies, if a reliable, bacterially impeccable supply is not possible by the local water supplier.

NEW: We are now offering the systems with an optional AC extension (110V/230V). For more information, see the "Accessories" section below or directly: 

We have developed these system for users, with an average daily water requirement of:
Unit with a 2.8 bar pump for a daily water requirement of approx. 200 liters.
Unit with a 4.8 bar pump for a daily water requirement of approx. 350 liters.

Microfiltration combined with adsorption is used as a process.
This method ensures the production of neutral tasty drinking water which is free from dangerous, pathogenic bacteria or protozoa.
Of course
, also sediments and particulate materials are removed from the water.
In this way, no doubtful water enters the tank, which otherwise would have to be cleaned up.

Technial specifications:

  • Water filter system for the preparation of surface water (fresh water) or cleaning of water from the supplier (campsite, gas station etc.).
  • Suitable even for very turbid water.
  • Bacteria and sediment filter, capacity up to 100,000 liters, pore size 0.2 or 1.0 micron, also available with high quality stainless steel components, can be cleaned in a few minutes, when the flow is no longer guaranteed.
  • Ceramic with activated carbon filter for pollutant reduction (Chemicals, organic compounds, heavy metals etc.) with a capacity of 16.000 liters.
  • All external hoses can be disconnected from the system with the assembled, locking quick disconnect couplings.
  • Integrated, self-priming pressurized water pump, dry-running capable, with 2.8bar (40psi) (power consumption at 12V: 4.5A) or 4.8bar (70psi) (power consumption at 12V: 12A).
  • Pump motor is protected by automatic thermal overload protection.
  • Connection with standard plug, e.g. to cigarette lighter, generator, fuel cell, with integrated 16A-fuse.
  • Very strong power line, 3 meter helix cable.
  • Operated with 12 Volt DC, 24 Volt version on request.
  • Longer operation and lower power consumption than with a comparable submersible pump.
  • Integrated pressure intake to work around the pump can be selected, if pressure is already available on a line from the supplier: No power source required.
  • Incl. 5 meter suction hose with cleanable coarse pre-filter to protect the pump.
  • Outlet hose 2 m, which leads e.g. in a tank. Can be extended almost as desired!
  • Flow rate with 2.8 bar pump with bacterial filter: approx. 240 liter per hour, with bacterial and activated carbonfilter: approx. 120 liter per hour (at 20°C water tempereture).
  • Flow rate with 4.8 bar pump with bacterial filter: approx. 330 liter per hour, with bacterial and activated carbonfilter: approx. 180 liter per hour (at 20°C water temperature).
  • All components in a robust, extra strong UN approved aluminum container with stacking corners and heavy duty spring handle.
  • System can also be transported outside of the vehicle (e.g. ond the roof rack).
  • Lockable with plug-in lock.
  • Cleaningpad and abrasive paper for bacterial filter included.
  • Dimensions only 600 x 400 x 180mm.
  • Fully equipped weight: 11kg (with 2.8bar pump), 12,7kg (with 4.8bar pump).

Note that the 4.8bar pump has a higher current requirement. Your power source must be able to provide it.

No other comparable waterfilter system achieves higher quality and better performance!
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Activated Carbon Cartridge Carbodyn Activated Carbon Cartridge Carbodyn
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Ceramic Filtercartridge High Flow Ceramic Filtercartridge High Flow
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