Power Survivors

Power Survivors

Katadyn makes rugged watermakers for rugged use - under all kinds of conditions.
Our highly efficient Katadyn PowerSurvivor 12-volt systems produce a plentiful supply of drinking water while putting the least demand on your power supplies.
Each model runs independently of a generator; indeed, our units commonly run off standard marine batteries, photo-voltaic cells or wind generators.
As a result, you minimize battery drain and recharging time.
And we've built these fine watermakers to last. Each one is tested to meet strict performance standards.
They're compact and simple to opearate, and with three models to choose from, you'll easily find the best match for your anticipated usage.


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Product no.: FW8013438

Electronic demineralizer for 12 Volt operation and a capacity of approx. 5 litres per hour.

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