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Complete set for the treatment of surface water and for connection to a tap.

We have put together a set from various components that makes it possible to safely treat surface water (from rivers, lakes, wells, etc.). Everything you need when traveling is included in the compilation. So you are prepared for all eventualities. In addition, the filter can also be connected directly to a line with existing pressure, the pump is then not required if the line pressure is sufficient.

The most important point that is often overlooked in practice in surface water treatment is the following:

The water from rivers, lakes, drinking troughs, wells etc. always contains a greater or greater number of turbid substances. These can quickly clog any filter and clog the fine pores, in very extreme cases even after a few liters. In the case of filter technologies such as hollow fiber membrane filters, glass fiber filters or the like, there is nothing left to do but replace the filter element. That is why a whole cascade of prefilters is often used in such systems to protect the "sensitive" and usually more expensive, fine filter in the last filter stage. Then, however, the pre-filters have to be changed, with a considerable amount of (plastic) waste left behind. That is why we use ceramic filters for this purpose. If these are clogged, you can clean them quickly and easily, or more precisely sand them down. This is very easy and the actual cleaning process takes about a minute. Then the filter has the same flow as on the first day.

The set consists of the following components:

  • Inline filter (extremely stable, self-standing, components made of aluminum, POM, stainless steel and brass), with a combined ceramic filter element, pore size 0.2µ and internal activated carbon block:
    With firmly anchored silver, reliably holds back suspended matter, sediments, microplastics, all harmful bacteria and parasites (99.999%). Important minerals remain in the water. The ceramic produces natural, sterile drinking water without the use of chemicals.
    The additional activated carbon reduces the level of harmful chemicals (drug residues, herbicides, pesticides, etc.) and keeps unpleasant flavors such as Chlorine back. Replace the element after 6 months or approx. 4000 liters; the service life can be significantly extended by drying it after use.
    The structure of the filter (ceramic shell on the outside, activated carbon core on the inside) prevents the activated carbon from becoming clogged with suspended matter and / or from becoming germinated.
  • Thermally protected membrane pressurized water pump with a maximum pressure of 2.8bar, 12V direct current power supply is required.
  • We mount the pump for you on a stable aluminum plate so that it can be used comfortably and stands securely on the floor. It also has a massive 3m extendable spiral cable (mounted with strain relief) with a power plug with integrated 16A fuse, for cigarette lighter or standard sockets. So the pump can be used immediately.
  • Vacuum-stable, drinking water-approved and transparent suction hose with filter basket. This protects the pump and prevents the hose from being clogged by sucked in substances. Length 3m.
  • Outlet hose, this is connected to the filter outlet with the couplings and e.g. hung in the tank filler neck. Length 2m.
  • Connection hose (overpressure stable up to 16bar, transparent, fabric-reinforced, approved for drinking water). This is used in pump operation to connect the pump -> filter, in operation directly on a water pipe to connect the water tap -> filter. By using the compatible plug-in system, this hose can easily, e.g. with the Gardena system. Length 2m.
  • Various adapters (tap pieces) for screwing onto a water pipe, provided that these have a thread. Sizes: 1/2 ", 3/4" and 1 ".
  • Two coupling plugs to extend the connection hose or for use on the pump.
  • Water stealer, if no thread is available on a water pipe or public spring (with insert for different tap diameters).

Dimensions of the filter: height 355mm, width 105mm, depth 110mm, weight: 1.6kg
Dimensions of the pump including mounted mobile pump extension: height 130mm, width 210mm, depth 145mm, weight: 2.1kg

This filter can optionally also be used with a pure ceramic element (without activated carbon). This can be used optionally if the water does not show any chemical pollution, such as with tap water. The filtered water is then germ-free, but "tastes" the same after the filter as before. This pure ceramic element has a very large capacity of approx. 50,000L and can last for many years without dryingbe set. You will find the optional replacement element below this description in the Accessories section. You can find an exact flow diagram in the article pictures.

We recommend the use of this filter for tank sizes up to 150L. If you want more powerful freshwater treatment systems that are ready for immediate use, you will find them here: Süsswasser Aufbereitungsanlagen


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