water-jack fresh assembly 4h

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The following table summarites all available filter combinations.
The flow rates are given in liters per minute. They refer to a reference pressure at 3 bar (44psi) and a water temperature of 20°C (68°F) and under optimal conditions. These can be influenced by the infrastructure such as wiring, the type of pump used, number of crossovers, diameter of hoses and so on.
The most popular filters are highlited.

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Standard dimensions 4h: width 264mm, depth 176mm, height 330mm
Weight (without filterelements): 3.7kg

Information for Filter housing:

  • Extremely robust material is used, among other things, because of its strength, hardness and stiffness in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and the automotive industry, e.g. for gears, isolators, pivot joint housings, window lifters etc. ("like metal").
  • Stainless steel thread for screwing in the filter elements.
  • High adhesion at the connection of upper part / lower part by fine thread.
  • Seal in the upper part of the housing can not be lost (it is very tight).
  • Long-term tests on a high-frequency vibrating system.
  • Food-Safe (certified). This material is used, among other things, in the brew group of coffee machines.
  • Temperature range of the material: -40 ° C - 120 ° C (may be sterilized, for example, in boiling water or by steam).
  • Excellent resistance to organic solvents.
Assembly 4h  
Ceramic 100.000L + Active carbon 32.000L 8
Ceramic 200.000L INOX + Active carbon 32.000L 4,5
Ceramic 200.000L 1 micron INOX + Active carbon 32.000L 12
Ceramic 100.000L INOX + Active carbon 32.000L 8



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