M60 Multi Energy Controller

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M60 is a MultECon Charger (Multi-Energy-Controller) with an integrated Li-Ion-battery with high capacity (68Wh) – it is compatible with portable solar panels. It can be also used with 12V automotive energy or 100V-240V power supply.
The output ports (12V/USB) can be used while charging the internal Li-Ion-battery. MPP-Tracking increases the solar power and the intelligent energy management minimizes the energy consumption.
M60 is suiting for loading / supplying of powerful devices as notebooks, energy saving lamp, mobile phones, smart phones (for example, iPhone), MP3-player, digital cameras, video cameras (accessories are necessary), GPS, etc. For example, notebooks can be loaded 1-2 times, mobile phones – up to 30 times. M60 has 3 separate switchable, simultaneous usable output ports (2 x USB + 1 x 12V automotive power supply) and an integrated loading box for NiMH-batteries (AA/AAA)

Autonomic: The notebook is played out, the accumulators for GPS are empty – and the only main in the house is occupied for hours – no problem!

Powerful: The M60 is compensation power for notebook, mobile phone, camera and GPS with High Power USB, 12V output port for CLA-plug (max. 80W) and integrated loading box for rechargeable NiMH-batteries (type AA and AAA). M60 can be easily loaded with solar energy while travelling.

Variable: Loading by sun (for example with our solar panels), power supply or 12V car adapter (CLA adapter). Electronic devices can be powered by USB (5V) or 12V car adapter (CLA adapter). Rechargeable NiMH-batteries (AA/AAA) can be easily loaded while travelling.

Technical Specifications | m60

MPP-Tracking:           allows the solar yield to be increased by up to 20%.
DC IN:                         6 V – 30 V, max. 30 W
DC OUT:                    12 V, max. 6 A | USB, max. 0,9 A
Battery:                       Quality Li-Ion-, 14,8 V / 4,6 Ah
Weight:                       900 g
Size:                           286 x 139 x 25 mm
Port OUT:                   2 x USB, 1 x 12 V CLA-port
Port IN:                       Solar, 12V, 100-240 V via power supply

Scope of delivery: MultECon Charger M60, power supply (100V–240V), Y-adapter (to connect 2 solar panels), plug, 12V car adapter cable (CLA adapter).

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