water-jack fresh plugin

Product no.: FWWJFPL01

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Pure water already in the tank, shiftable UV-treatment before taking!

The case size will be adjusted to your individual needs.

water-jack™ fresh plugin is a new all-in-one solution as a plugin system for DIY-equipper. The housing can be mounted inside the vehicle, or as a weather-resistant, external plant.
The system in a robust stainless steel housing provides an extremely durable microfiltration against bacteria, parasites, algae and sediment, as well as the reduction of heavy metals, chlorine, and chemicals. And that, even before the water enters the tank. If the water in the tank will get contaminated due to a long time without use or high temperatures, viruses, fungi and bacteria will be eliminated in an internal second circulation with an shiftable, highly productive and proven UVC-reactor.
The system is equipped with locking off hose couplings and a central power supply.
Install, connect tank inlet and outlet, insert the power connector, finished!

This means for you: No waste of valuable time because of installation for pumps, filters, pipes or hoses, ball valves, manifolds, switches, electric wires, fuses, e.g. Simply install the for your measurements prepared system, confect the two connections to the tank, connect power, that's all.

The water-jack fresh plugins are made individually and produced according to your requirements.
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