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Your fingers are itching to send the route, but food is energy. Around nearly since Optimus was founded more than a century ago, the Svea stove has been a cult classic for light-and-fast climbers’ and alpinists’ gear bags for decades.
Its simple, design in nearly bulletproof solid brass keeps it rugged too: The lid doubles as your cook pot. No loose parts to misplace. And the handle serves as a maintenance tool.
A built-in cleaning needle helps you keep the flame burning and that pot of nourishment simmering. The exacting flame control lets you unpack your kit while the soup simmers, but you can get it boiling hard quickly when you can’t wait.
Great for solos, high-altitude adventures (uses white gas for best efficiency), or anytime super light is super right.


Fuel type
White gas
Average burn time
Up to 50 min at maximum output (with 120 ml of fuel)
Dimensions (mm)
130 × Ø 100
Average boil time for 1 L of water
Approx. 7 min/1 L, depending on climate, altitude etc.
Weight (grams)
Kit includes
Burner, valve and small cooking pot (lid), user manual



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Optimus SPARKY Piezo Optimus SPARKY Piezo
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Optimus Svea Spare Parts Kit Optimus Svea Spare Parts Kit
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