Gourmet Game Stew

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A dish for real gourmets and fans of game cooking: tasty and hearty game combined with mushrooms and onions.
Noodles complete this Trek’n Eat meal to be sure to provide sufficient carbohydrates.
From the first bite, you’ll experience an adventure in taste that is nothing short of scrumptuous, plus the dish is easy on your digestion.
It won’t be long before you’re yearning for hikes and treks through endless forests and rugged landscapes, or for kayak tours on crystal-clear lakes.
Our Gourmet Game Stew imparts the flavors of nature no matter where in the world your adventure takes you.
Net weight: 170g. After added water: 720g


Nutrition facts per 100g per meal
kJ/kcal 1557/370 2646.9/629
Protein 15.8g 26.86g
Fat 9.8g 16.66g
- of which saturated fatty acids 5.6g 9.52g
Carbohydrates 55g 93.5g
- of which sugar 9.5g 16.15g
Fibre 5.8g 9.86g
salt 4.7g 7.99g


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