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water-jack fresh little is our smallest compact portable system to produce drinking water from polluted fresh water. Even very turbid water does not cause any problems for our systems.

It can also be used after emergencies, for example, when no reliable bacteriologically safe supply is available from the local water supplier.

NEW: We are now offering the systems with an optional AC extension (110V/230V). For more information, see the "Accessories" section below or directly: Click

We have developed this system for users with a medium daily water demand, a tank size from 200L and a travel time of less than half a year at a time.

In this compact filter system, two filters work in parallel to increase the flow rate.

The process used is microfiltration and optionally, combined with adsorption.
This method ensures the production of neutral-tasting drinking water that is free of dangerous, disease-causing bacteria or protozoa. Of course, sediments and turbidity are also removed from the water.
In this way, no dubious water gets into the tank in the first place, which would otherwise have to be cleaned at great expense.

Technial specifications:

  • Water filter system for treating surface water (fresh water) or purifying water from the supplier (campsite, petrol station, etc.).
  • Can even be used with very turbid water.
  • Bacteria and sediment filter, capacity up to 200,000 litres, pore size 0.2 or 1.0 micron, also available with high-quality stainless steel components, can be cleaned in a few minutes if the flow is no longer guaranteed.
  • Optional (or optionally) ceramic with activated carbon filter for pollutant reduction (chemicals, organic compounds, heavy metals, etc.) with a total capacity of 8,000 litres or half a year of continuous use.
  • Optional integrated self-priming pressurised water pump, dry-running safe, with 2.8 bar (current consumption at 12V: 4.5A).
  • Pump motor protected by automatic thermal overload fuse.
  • Connection with standard plug, e.g. to cigarette lighter, generator, fuel cell etc., with integrated 16A fuse.
  • Ultra-strong power cable, 3 metre coiled cable.
  • Operated with 12 volt direct current, 24 volt version on request.
  • Longer operation and lower power consumption than with a comparable submersible pump.
  • Pressure input integrated for bypassing the pump if pressure is already available on a line from the utility: no power source required.
  • Incl. 3 metre suction hose with cleanable coarse pre-filter to protect the pump.
  • Outlet hose 2 metres, which leads e.g. into a tank. Can be extended almost indefinitely!
  • Flow rate with 2.8 bar pump with bacteria filter: approx. 400 litres per hour (at 20°C water temperature).
  • All components in a robust, extra-strong UN-approved aluminium container with stacking corners and heavy-duty spring-loaded handle.
  • System can also be transported on the outside of the vehicle (e.g. roof rack).
  • Lockable with plug-in lock (included in delivery).
  • Cleaning pad and wet sandpaper for bacteria filter.
  • Dimensions only 400 x 300 x 340mm.
  • Weight fully equipped: 9,8kg (with 2.8bar pump), 6,4kg (without pump).

Information on the selection of filter elements:
Two elements work in parallel, which means that two filter elements of the same type must always be used. Some of the elements are available with plastic components and optionally with metal components. If the filter elements remain screwed in during transport and the unit is exposed to very heavy vibrations, the elements with plastic threads could break. If the unit is to be used in very harsh conditions, it is recommended to choose filter elements with metal components (not possible with the combi filter ceramic / activated carbon, these elements are very light and do not tend to break). Possible combinations:

  • 2x ceramic, pore size 0.2µ, total capacity approx. 100,000L, thread and caps made of plastic.
  • 2x combi filter ceramic / activated carbon, pore size 0.2µ, total capacity approx. 8,000L or half a year, thread and caps made of plastic.
  • 2x ceramic HighFlow, pore size 1.0µ (no microbiological safety), total capacity approx. 200,000L, thread, rods and caps made of metal.
  • 2x ceramic stainless steel, pore size 0.2µ, total capacity approx. 100,000L, thread, rods and caps made of metal.

All available elements can be used in the system. Thus it is possible to work with the pure permanent ceramic filters for "normal" continuous use, when the water mostly comes from the supplier and has a neutral taste (odour), and to use the combined ceramic / activated carbon filters only when, for example, surface water is taken or the water smells of chlorine or musty. The combined elements can be dried after use to increase their service life. The elements can be ordered in our shop: Replacement filters.

It is also possible to use the HighFlow elements with 1.0µ pore size and only optionally use the finer 0.2µ elements. If you have any further questions about the practical use of the combinations, please contact us: Contact

No other comparable waterfilter system achieves higher quality and better performance!
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