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For refueling your tank or your motorhome through an existing pressure sewer system such as a hose connection.

Included is a microporous ceramic element, pore size 0.2 microns. With firmly anchored silver, suspended solids, all harmful bacteria and parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia holds back reliably. Important minerals remain in the water.
Silver quartz gravel in the Interior has a disinfecting effect and controls a recontamination through the outlet during longer standstill periods.
The ceramic produces natural, fresh drinking water without using chemicals.

The ceramic can be cleaned if it is clogged, quickly and easily quickly and safely by anyone.
The sponge is included, as well as a doctrine, with which you can test the safe use (thickness of ceramics).

Flow rate: up to 7.5 litres per minute.

Filter element lifetime: ~ 50,000 litres

Included in the package:

-water-jack fresh inline filter with a 50,000 litre ceramic element (INOX)
-Hard-sided case, foam lining on equipment adapted to extremely robust!
-Cleaning sponge for ceramics
-Level gauge for ceramic
-Gardena hose piece to be filling hose
-Be filling hose 2 m
-Gardena regulating stop
-Gardena water quantity counter
-Digital TDS meter

Dimensions of the hard-sided case:
External dimensions: length 47 cm, width 36. 5cm, height 19cm
Internal dimensions: Height floor length 43 cm, width 30 cm, 12.5cm, height cover 4.5cm
Total weight approx. 6kg



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