Gear pump Marco UP10/E 6bar 12V + 24V

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Thanks to its high pressure, this pump is a good choice in combination with our new filter systems , which are designed for pressures up to 8 bar.
It has very small dimensions and produces a quiet whirring noise during operation.

This pump has an electronic control. It switches off at the maximum pressure and when the pressure in the line drops, the pump starts again. Furthermore, the engine speed varies variable, depending on the requested performance.

  •     Quiet operation
  •     Voltage 12V DC and 24V DC
  •     Pressure up to 6bar
  •     Flow rate 18L per minute
  •     Suction height 3m
  •     Connections: Grommet for 13mm (½ ") hose and 3/8" threaded connection
  •     Pump guard strainer included
  •     Power consumption up to max. 25A
  •     Weight: 4.3kg
  •     Dimensions: 240mm long, 193mm wide, 109mm high (including mounted anti-pump screen)

Important: The pump requires a lot of power and therefore has to fit the battery concept of the installation. It is important to ensure a sufficient cable cross-section.



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