Customer Information


Prices and shipping costs
The prices stated on the product pages contain the legal value added tax and other price components.
In the online shop is a minimum purchase value of € 30.
In addition to the prices we charge 4,90 EUR per order for delivery within Germany flat rate.
The shipping costs are communicated clearly on the product pages, shopping cart system, and on the order page.
We normally ship with UPS. However, the actual transport service also depends on the country and the
Package size and weight. Should you have any special requests, please let us know.
List of shipping costs for deliveries within Germany:
                                       AdvancePayment        PayPal
Parcel service          4.90 EUR             4,90 EUR
From an order value of 150,-EUR per order delivered free shipping.
Shipping rates to other countries totaled as follows:
15,00 EUR per order (free shipping from an order value of 500,- EUR)  from:
Austria Belgium Denmark
Spain Italy Finland
France Luxembourg Greece
Sweden Netherlands Poland
Great Britain Portugal


Deliveries within Europe, outside the EU (for example, Switzerland, Norway) cost 35.00 EUR
Delivery unpaid (DAP), additional fees may apply for the customer.

For deliveries abroad, additional tax and shipping costs may apply.

The shipping with our Logstikpartner will be done within the specified delivery time.
We refer to any different delivery times you in a timely manner.
We reserve the right to refuse an order at any time.