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Multiple water distributor, for fixed and reliable installation.

Material nickel-plated brass.
Available through the shop in the following standard variations:

  • double distributor: 1x access 2x outlets, with and without shut-off.
  • triple distributor: 1x access 3x outlets, with and without shut-off.
  • quad distributor: 1x access 4x outlets, with and without shut-off.

The connections are suitable for a 1/2 "hose (for example, 13x19mm) or a 10x16mm hose, and if the grommets are removed, the loosened threads can also be used.
Likewise, the threaded pipes can be extended by other water distributors.

We also supply the manifolds in other variations, e.g. with different tulle diameters, further barriers etc. For special requests, please contact us.

The supplied rubberized pipe clamps make the water distributors very safe and easy to install.

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