Solarmodul 125Wp, flexible and foldable

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These modules are capable of withstanding even the most severe stresses and have proved their worth in expeditions and human aids.
Whether you are hiking, camping, on holiday, on the beach or in other activities, you can charge or charge batteries, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, iPods, laptops and much more.
All modules are universally applicable and easy to attach to the tent, boat or camper.
By means of a flexible fastening system, e.g. The Solarclaw on your backpack.


nominal voltage: 12 V
open-circiut voltage: 30V
nominal current: 4.4A
max. performance: 125Wp
dimensions foldesd (mm): 261 x 318 x 45
dimensions open (mm): 1619 x 1006 x 1
weight: 0.85kg
black, desert camo, woodland camo, multicam

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