UV-12 submersible lamp

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Technical details

  • Nominal voltage 12v (stabilized DC),
  • Voltage range 10-15v,
  • Nominal power 12W,
  • current supply only via the series connector unit (supplied as part of the product),
  • Weight 180g,
  • Dimensions 75 x 75 x 250mm,
  • Cable length 3m,
  • Temperature range -5 to +50ᵒC,
  • Operating range – any tank maximum capacity 500 litres.

Robust UV sterilization device, for use in the tank.

Bacteria develop in stored drinking water within only a few days. The best way to combat this problem is to use UV lamps. UV lamps work by disrupting the bacteria’s DNA. As a result, the bacteria die.
The UV-12 Submersible Lamp works in this way. It consists of a submersible tube, encased in special quartz glass, and electronic control gear which controls the power supply. It has watertight electrical connections and its compact size allow it to be used in fresh water tanks. The electronic control gear switches the lamp on for 15 minutes every four hours. This short period of time is enough to disrupt the bacteria’s DNA, letting the bacteria die. This method of operation also saves energy, meaning that the lamp can be powered by a solar panel. Installing the UV-12 Submersible Lamp is easy and convenient. Simply drill a 20.5mm diameter hole in the water tank or water tank lid, fix the screw connection and insert the lamp’s supply cable through the connection. Then use the cable to place the lamp on the bottom of the water tank. Next, fasten the screw connection. Finally, connect the power supply (solar panel or mains supply), the lamp’s supply cable and the electronic control gear.
The sterilization power of the UV-12 Submersible Lamp has been tested by the Department of Hygiene at the University of Heidelberg.

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