Control panel for electronic gear pumps

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Control panel for electronic gear pumps.

The control panel for electronic pumps allows to remotely monitor the operation of the pump and interact with it. It is in fact possible to see when the pump is On and if there is still liquid to be transferred. Moreover, in case of arrest due to end of liquid or overload you can reset the alarm and restart the system without having to turn off the power. Finally, you can turn Off and On the pump with the simple push of a button.

The panel can be mounted or recessed in a circular hole of diameter 70 mm, or with external mounting by fixing the provided square box with two screws. To operate simply connect the pump with the 3m cable supplied or another 4-wire phone cord and double-ended RJ11 / 6.

In the back there is a terminal block that allows you to replicate the buttons and LEDs of the panel on an external circuit: this allows you to individually control the features on the dashboard or in a device designed by third parties.


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