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No matter where, the replaceable activated carbon means chemical-free filtering.
You end up with tasty, odor-free, thirst-quenching water. Our cleanable silver-impregnated ceramic provides water treatment you can believe in.
When flexible multifunction tops your list, the included Faucet Kit adapts the filter for homes, boats or cabins.

Kit includes
Filter, prefilter, bottle adaptor, carry bag
Dimensions (cm) 27.00
Diameter (cm) 6.00 ∅
Output (L) 1.00 L/min
Technology Ceramic depth filter 0,2 micron, Activated carbon
Weight (g) 580.00


Product Note Status Price
Combi Ceramic Replacement Cartridge Combi Ceramic Replacement Cartridge
150.00 € *
Combi Carrying Bag Combi Carrying Bag
20.00 € *
Katadyn Combi Replacement Carbon (2pcs.) Katadyn Combi Replacement Carbon (2pcs.)
23.00 € *
Combi Carbon Cartridge-AC Combi Carbon Cartridge-AC
15.00 € *
Combi Maintenance Kit Combi Maintenance Kit
25.00 € *
Filter Hose Kit Filter Hose Kit
25.00 € *
Combi Set Housing Combi Set Housing
160.00 € *

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