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A group on the move needs a water source it can count on.
The Katadyn Expedition is just that. As indestructible as it gets, the Expedition is as easy to use as it is to pack along.
Its high-performance filtration uses our silver-impregnated ceramic to ensure the water is free of bacteria and protozoa.
Plus, when your group is parched after a long day, you can push out an incredible 4 liters/minute of safe, fresh, regenerating water.
Dimensions (cm) 58.00
Diameter (cm) 2.00 ∅
Output (L) 4.00 L/min
Technology Ceramic depth filter 0,2 micron
Weight (g) 5,200.00


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Expedition Ceramic Replacement Cartridge Expedition Ceramic Replacement Cartridge
155.00 € *
Expedition Maintenance Kit Expedition Maintenance Kit
90.00 € *
Expedition Lid Fastening Kit Expedition Lid Fastening Kit
80.00 € *
Expedition Check Valve Expedition Check Valve
100.00 € *
Expedition Carrying Bag Expedition Carrying Bag
55.00 € *

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