Katadyn Survivor 35

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The most widely-used emergency desalinator.
Produces up to 4.5 litres per hour. Produces enough water for multiple person liferafts.
Widely used by US and international military forces, voyagers, sea kayakers, and other adventurers.

Dimensions (cm): 14.0 x 55.9 x 8.9
Dimensions (in): 5.5 x 22 x 3.5
Output (gal): 1.2 gal/h (± 15%)
Output (L): 4.5 l/h (± 15%)
Salt rejection (average): 98.4% (min. 95.3%)
Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Weight (grams): 3.20 kg
Weight (oz): 7.00 lbs


Safe Drinking Water Over Board

In shipwreck situations, having access to clean freshwater is critical for survival. Hand-operated desalinators provide that life-giving resource.
Emergency equipment is the last thing a boat owner or passenger wants to think about or even use. But in the event of an emergency they need to trust it with their life.
Everyone knows you can survive several weeks without food but only days without water.
Solo sailor Tony Bullimore was floating capsized in the South Pacific for 4 days during the Vendée Globe-Round-The-World Race before a search team located his boat. He survived on drinking water he produced himself. The product he used was a small, hand operated Survivor that was stowed with his emergency equipment. It was the US Government that requested hand operated desalinators to replace the water conserves on the life rafts of their ocean fleet.
The two models that met the Navy and Coast Guard requirements are manufactured today in Switzerland and are world-wide the only hand operated desalinators. Our Survivor 06 and Survivor 35 are intended for both emergency use and applications where electrical power simply isn‘t available. No survival kit or liferaft should be without a Katadyn hand-held watermaker. Compact, lightweight, and easy to operate, both of these units will supply emergency drinking water to help prevent dehydration of even loss of life.


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