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When your adventure could be extreme, you need efficient, long-lasting, durable filtration. The rugged workhorse of our filters, the classic Katadyn Pocket is a small but reliable friend you want along to keep you healthy and hydrated.
Decades of military and emergency professionals around the world have put their trust in the Pocket’s ability to deliver water free of bacteria and protozoa.
Quickness counts too with an output of 1 liter/minute through our silver-impregnated ceramic filter.
This steel bomb of a filter comes with a 20-year warranty – that’s confidence you can count on.

Kit includes
Filter, prefilter, bottle adaptor and carry bag
Dimensions (cm) 24.00
Diameter (cm) 6.00 ∅
Output (L) 1.00 L/min
Technology Ceramic depth filter 0,2 micron
Weight (g) 550.00



Product Note Status Price
Pocket Ceramic Replacement Cartridge Pocket Ceramic Replacement Cartridge
250.00 € *
Pocket Carrying Bag Pocket Carrying Bag
20.00 € *
Active Carbon Bottle Adapter Active Carbon Bottle Adapter
30.00 € *
Pocket Maintenance Kit Pocket Maintenance Kit
35.00 € *
Filter Hose Kit Filter Hose Kit
25.00 € *

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